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A Very Successful Exhibition

Well everybody, sorry this has been so long this time, busy getting work done for my Exhibition on the 4th of August, it was our local home, it has great area to display my work.
There were about 70 people coming through on the day, I got a lot of great feedback, and some of my favourite pieces got sold, it is always such a thrill to know that so many people want my work on their walls.
I am looking at doing another Exhibition around May next year 2016.
Very busy at the moment getting my largest piece done, which is two ballerina's that I saw at the Opera House back in May. I got so inspired they these two girls, will forward a photo of the finished piece in the next few weeks.
I trust everybody is well and enjoying the winter.
Till next time,

Helen Peel.

Back to painting

Well back home, it has been four weeks, but a lot has happened, all good.
Trips are always fabulous, but also great to be back home again. Also for craving to get back into painting, I have just finished a very lovely painting off a florist shop in Paris, very near we're stayed in Maria's, a great area if you thinking of going there, could highly recommend the area and the apartment.
I also took a fabulous photo of a ballet dress in a window, as a display, it is a beautiful soft peach colour and I am trying to capture this at the moment, I have to say it coming along quite well.
I have many photos that I have taken on the trip, which of many I would like to maybe do a series of works.
I do hope this finds you all happy and creative.

Cheers for now,
Helen Peel.